Wednesday, January 04, 2006

That Night of 1990


Heather said...

Hi Rahul

The image of the writing on the drawing is outstandingly beautiful. Where was this? Was this Kashmir? And is your poem under Shekhar's post your translation of this, or another, poem?

Tanzan Senzaki said...

You poem in Devangiri script in your own handwriting looks like a piece of art. But the letters are too small, hard to read.

I could not earlier get to put it into English free verse. Who knows may be next time it will work out.

anil kaul said...

Hi Rahul,
Just read your 'kavita' - could relate to your emotions - been in similar situation - just one comment 'Zuv chum bramaan - dil chum karaan garaeh gach ha'. Keep up your great work.

mh said...

"amawasya thi", "1990 ki us raat"