Sunday, February 05, 2006

Campaign In Rajasthan

I have just returned back from Rajasthan, where we ran a campaign for Girl Child rights in Barmer district. The campaign also included a Bike rally from Barmer to Jodhpur, which passed through almost hundred villages. For more about this campaign log on to

Pics (From top to bottom)
1. With friend Sharad Sharma of World Comics India outside Jodhpur railway station.
2. Examining my bike near Kavas village.
3. The rally has reached Baitu village.
4. Motorcycle rally reaches Pachpadra village famous for its salt lakes.
5. With International Bike racer Bittoo Sondhi.
6. Running along with cameraperson Tara Joshi to get a better shot of the rally.
7. Recording a song in Haathma village.


hq said...

Great photos. The Girl Child rights campaign is very worthy, and your reporting about it ( is super.

The vibrancy of your reporting has something to do with your ability to connect effectively with people, and something to do with your living in the moment without losing yourself in it completely. In that last shot (recording the song in Haathma), the kids are completely unintimidated by (though curious about) the equipment and process. Though what they're seeing and experiencing is strange to them, they're engaged because you're below their level, and they're a part of it, and have no tension. It's fun to see, in the photos that feature you, the combination of intensity and dispassion that I'd sensed in your writings.

Thanks for sharing this news and the photos.

M@ri said...

Interesting, inspiring & necessary campaign; I read through the halfworld blog. A familiar man in the first photo, in a familiar place. I participated in a training session on the use of comics in development work in March, and Sharad Sharma was the trainer (with Leif Packalen from World Comics Finland). I'm involved in a development cooperation project in the Thar region. The partner organisation Gravis or Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti is based in Jodhpur; I've been there and the Thar region twice. Carry on with the excellent work/writing!