Monday, March 12, 2007

Rains wash away everything

Rains wash away everything
Rancour. Vomit. Tear stains.
But they bring back in torrents
Memories. In one such rain
When my world is deluged
I make a boat of your memories
And set to sail amidst Passat winds
Braving hailstorms of my existence
And alligators of my past

I try to reach you
But you have left the island
Leaving behind your scent
In the water where you
Dipped the thumb of your foot
Trying to etch my name

That is it. I take out
A dagger from my back
And make a hole in the boat
The water gushes in
Filling my nostrils
And your scent my senses

1 comment:

Manish said...

Quite potent. Its been a while since you posted. So we'd lap it up anyway. Kudos!