Thursday, April 24, 2008

A graphic novel on Indian television

A couple of years ago, I created a mini graphic novel for Sarai. A friend, Irfan, who is the only sensible guy in the entire Radio FM industry had been trying hard ever since to put this novel online. I sent a CD to another friend, Avinash, who runs perhaps the most popular blog in Hindi, Mohalla. But owing to my rich technological skills, the CD was found out to be blank.
After waiting for any initiative on my side, and getting tired of waiting, Irfan has finally taken pains to scan a copy, page by page, and now, it is online.
You can see it here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rahul,

Interesting piece of work and amusing as well. I guess you can add more to these pages.Did not know tht you are also a fairly good sketcher?They have come out well. One grouse-when i enlarge each page by clicking i have to go back to the original and enlarge the next one. Is there any way you can enlarge and read them in continuity? My technological skills are worse....

इरफ़ान said...

Dear anonymous! You can just save all the pages one by one on your system. To save one you have to click twice on the image and by clicking right you can save image as jpeg. Once done, you can play back to back.
@ Rahul: Thanks for linking the same.Chao.

Anupama said...

Hi Irfan,

Thanks a ton. Now it looks and reads better. I wanted to know why page no.10 and 11 look the same?

Rahul Pandita said...

Hi Anon
One clarification: most of these sketches are made by a friend, Sharad Sharma who runs an organisation called World Comics India. The text and the concept, however, is mine.
You can see Sharad's work at

Anupama said...

Hi Rahul,
Thanks for the clarification.I have seen Sharad's work earlier. He does amazing sketches but what confused me into thinking that the sketches were yours cause one of the sketch has an uncanny resemblance to you.

इरफ़ान said...

Dear Anupama
That page 10-11 mess was my mistake. It is rectified now and you'd be able to go through without any confusion.Thanx.

Kakshi said...

Interesting piece of work.. It really needs a lot of wit for comic strips n kudos to you, they are good!

munish said...

Rahul u made a bold decision, god bless u if u have one .