Monday, March 23, 2009


I long for Hypergraphia. I am tired of explaining my mood swings to others, and justifying it to myself. I am tired of everything. I am tired of reading. I am tired of drinking. I am tired of behaving normally. I am tired of being social. I am tired of remaining awake. I am tired of falling asleep.

The right knee is hurting again. That means I cannot run. Two nights ago, I was feeling terribly lonely. I sent smses to five people, asking them for a hug. One replied. The other replied the next day. One sent a blank sms back. And two didn’t reply at all. Hugs are premium, and people attach all kinds of meanings to them. Even hugs are not free. They are tagged, bound by cardinal rules of societal norms, used as a tool for barter by people. I don’t want them anymore.

Will be travelling tomorrow. Need to get out of this wretched city for few days. It is better to be among strangers in a stranger city. The people there don’t know you. They have no expectations. They will leave you alone. Even when there is a conversation, there will be no background to it.

I hate backgrounds, too.

I want to do this: flee to the mountains. Cook a nice meal. Lie down on a haystack in sunshine. Listen to Agha Shahid Ali reciting his poetry. Converse with the old postman. Put my head under a brook. Light a pipe. Play with mud.

Write feverishly, in long hand.



Pratyaksha said...

write feverishly ...
amen !

I love the background picture of ypur blog ..

Karan said...

Brilliant. Loved the "I want to do:" part. Wish the same sometimes man. Dil dhoondta hai, fir wahee fursat ke raat din.

Anonymous said...

I simply loved the line "Hugs are premium" agree completely....and ur idea of fleeing to the mountains is wat i am also doing right now....Prayers...Radz

Aditya Raj Kaul said...

I am tired of remaining sane .. :-)

Hatay yaare mye nay korthuy ne sms :P

so you hit the road! Enjoy the travelling! Cheers bro..

praran chusay..warya kaal ha gav weny..

P said...

did u message me for a hug? did i deprive u of one? i dont use tht number anymore...

RahulThagele said...


jasleen said...

sometimes you want to go
where everybody knows your name
and they're always glad you came
you want to be where you can see
our troubles are all the same
you want to be where everybody knows your name ....

& sometimes Rahul's world sounds much better !

Nikhil Srivastava said...

Ask yourself...whome you are working for? Why can't i be free?

JD said...