Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six days

Six days have passed, six inconsequential days. On the eight day (the first of the six days), I managed to write about 500 words. Afterwards, no progress has been made. My right knee is sore and my achilles tendons are hurting as well. The muscle pain hasn't gone away completely.

I had reduced smoking, almost to one or two a day; but that too has increased. Yesterday, I smoked seven. I have been missing my cross-training as well.

I have serious doubts about my writing capability. I am experiencing too many mood swings, and those who know me don't know what to make of my varied moods. I feel low most of the times, experiencing euphoria once in a while, which, strangely doesn't translate into anything.

I am losing the grip.


Aditya Raj Kaul said...

..those who know you well, know that you will complete this book before December 31st '09. Much before it brother. You are going to do it, and the knee pain will vanish with more thoughts coming in like rain.

Bhe chusai praran.. Asyi kar chu chon at ur firangi reporters club ? ;-)

Karan said...

Hope you feel better Rahul.

While it is important to finish your book (and you will), I believe at times, it is more important to be at peace within yourself to be able to bring out your creative best. Nothing is permanent and I am certain you will be fine soon. Though a lot of times, the emotional turmoil does create some fabulous posts, evident on your blog itself. Continue writing; we are all eagerly waiting for your posts and the Last Man from Kashmir.

Anonymous said...

Rahul....why are u feeling low & doubting your writing skills?

Am sure you will feel better soon & remember you can't loose the grip....

Prayer's & love,


Nikhil Srivastava said...

Don't loose grip brother. I'm eagerly waiting to know and read your novel. U r a classic writer and a person also(my observation). Just do it..i know u will.

Karan said...

What's up Rahul. Where have you been?

shabda said...

a great effort.