Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello, Bastar


"Rahul Pandita had done something unusual - He had studied the Maoist movement at ground level for more than a decade, growing ever more interested in the way it functioned, travelling through the remoter jungles of Central India for weeks on end and spending time with the tribal people." -- PATRICK FRENCH, British writer and historian.

"This book could be useful for any future dialogue between the government and the Maoists which is an urgent necessity": Jailed Maoist ideologue KOBAD GHANDY

"Angry, restrained, detailed, circumspect...a strongly felt portrait of the Maoists of Bastar": BUSINESS STANDARD

"Pandita achieves a sensitive and humane account of the real lives of the people in the Maoist movement by cutting through not just State and media propaganda but also through Maoist ideology": TEHELKA

With direct access to the top Maoist leadership, Rahul Pandita provides an authoritative account of how a handful of men and women, who believed in the idea of revolution, entered Bastar in Central India in 1980 and created a powerful movement that New Delhi now terms as India’s biggest internal security threat. It traces the circumstances due to which the Maoist movement entrenched itself in about 10 states of India, carrying out deadly attacks against the Indian establishment in the name of the poor and the marginalised. It offers rare insight into the lives of Maoist guerillas and also of the Adivasi tribals living in the Red zone.

Based on extensive on-ground reportage and exhaustive interviews with Maoist leaders including their supreme commander Ganapathi, Kobad Ghandy and others who are jailed or have been killed in police encounters, this book is a combination of firsthand storytelling and intrepid analysis.

Hello, Bastar is the story of:

•How the idea of creating a guerilla base in Bastar came up
•What the rebels who entered Dandakaranya had to deal with
•The Jagtial movement that created the ground for the Maoist movement
•The first squad member who died for revolution
•How Maoists and their guerilla squads function
•Their goals, recruitment, party structure and funding Their ‘urban agenda’
for cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai
•Their relationship with people and peoples’ move- ments
•Maoist supremo Ganapathi and other top leaders
•Anuradha Ghandy’s journey from Bombay to Bastar

Available in book stores across India from June end onwards.
Tranquebar Press/Paperback Price Rs. 250

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Anupam Singh said...

You are up to Good work Rahul.. Keep it up!!

Nikhil Srivastava said...

Congratulations sir. Will order it soon. I loved Kobad Gandy's comment the most.

राजीव रंजन प्रसाद said...

मैंने यह पुस्तक मंगायी है और उम्मीद करता हूँ कि कुछ शोधपरक और सच्चा पढने को मिले। बस्तर पर अंधों के हाथी की तरह लेखन हुआ है और इस विषय पर लिखने वाले तो पहले ही निश्कर्षों पर पहुँचने के बाद लिखते हैं। फिर भी राहुल जी से अपेक्षा है कि शायद वो सच लिखें। पढने के बाद बाकी की प्रतिक्रिया...

thegroup said...

Many congratulation Rahul for this sincere work.
Sanjay Joshi

vinitutpal said...

i have ordered this book.I hope, I will found tomorrow.

Anchal Ojha said...

Bastar Par Kafi logo ne kafi kuch likha hai lakin wastwekta ko kisi ne nahi likha
Aaj Bastar Ke log Ghar se door severo me rah rahe hai......Apne Ghar, Khete Or Sanskriti se bilkul Door kar deya gya hai ............Lekin eske Bawjood log kewal Naxalwadiyo ke bare me likhte hai na ke yha ke garib janta ki samsyao par...............

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Anonymous said...

Just flipped thru. I find this one similar to the arundhati rao's views. its always better to write on something controversial and subjective accounts to be in limelight. Though i sppreciate the guts he had to enter bastar. But there is more than what is portrayed. Its easy to bash the system but its difficult to run one.

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ribhu said...

Very nice book ..esp loved the portraits of Kobad and Anuradha Ghandy and the afterword by Kobad Ghandy himself...keep up the good work.

Vicky Shah said...

Mahan Bharat ka bastar Modi K Vison Me In K Liye B Kuch Hai K Adani Ambani K Growth Hi Mahan Bharat H