Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I need to write

There is nothing to write about these days. There is no turbulence; my imagination has turned lame and I have no crutches to offer.

Actually, it is very important to discipline oneself in order to be able to write. The American writer, Philip Roth is believed to have kept for a long time two small signs near his desk: “Stay put” and “No optional striving.” Optional striving, as one profile of his describes, includes everything except writing, exercise, sleep and solitude.

I promise I will have little optional striving if at all I have to have some. From now on, I will write regularly. Today, time is on my side. Tomorrow, it will move on.

I need to write everyday. Without fail. I have to stay put.


Karan said...

Rahul, there is nothing that satisfies my imagination more than reading your words. Quoting you from your post "Writer's Block", you said "I also visualise a red-coloured Thesaurus attached to it, hanging upside down on the drip stand. I imagine." - I wish I could change the Thesaurus to a book of your writings and use it to fuel my emotions and imagination. You need to resume. Theres people out there waiting for it like manna..

Rahul Pandita said...

Karan, many thanks... Let's see if I stick to my promise.

pr!tz said...

I have enough turbulance. But I cannot write. I have been in this state of dormancy for months now.
Maybe I am numb, now.

Kakshi said...

I love the line ..
' my imagination has turned lame and I have no crutches to offer. '