Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Too much Hemingway

There is some wine in the cupboard and a half bottle of whiskey. A country song is playing on the space radio, and I am drinking some coffee. I cannot have wine; I am on medication – some strange-sounding antibiotics have been prescribed to me for an infection which no one has been able to figure out.

I have been reading too much of Hemingway and, I am mesmerized with Paris, wine, typewriter – not necessarily in that order. I think I will make myself an Omelette tomorrow. I can put slices of tomato in it and perhaps toss a few mushrooms in as well.

My heart beat in rest mode is 65. A friend says that is too good. He has gone off to another city to meet another friend. Probably they would be having beer and talking about me. They might be feeling sleepy now since it is almost midnight.

I think I am sleepy too. But before I hit the sack, I must read more Hemingway.

I think the doctor I went to has a secret lover.

I think I must stop reading Hemingway.


geetika said...

rahul...i guess some people are just gifted...they can write anywhere anytime and about anything and as u must have guessed by now u r one of them....
dont get to sit often on net these days but whenevr i do cant resist checking ur blog...ur writing is simply addictive...
n i can understand the feelin of having wine in ur cupboard n not being allowed to drink...
hope u r feelin better now

Rahul Pandita said...

Hi Geetika
Thanks, I am better now. But haven't been able to write; have been reading too much, though.
There is nothing to write upon.

anhadshabda said...

Lastnight i invented a new pleasure,
and as i was giving it a first trial,
an angel and a devil came rushing to my house.
They met at my door
and fought with each other over my newly created pleasure;
the one crying,'it's a sin!'
the other,'it is a virtue!'
-kalil gibran.
hav u read lao them,u'll hav lot to write down,man.

what happened to u.all ur friends asking abt ur health.
goodness to u.