Thursday, June 29, 2006

Your Painter, yours only

You cannot fool me
In my dreams
By telling me
You are married

I know you are not
The wife of
An Air force officer
You can never be
Because he cannot
Paint with his eyes

Don’t lie to me
Don’t narrate the warmth
Of his joint family
In your letter

Don’t tell me
That you keep fast
For his long life

You don’t lie
To the wind
That ruffles your hair

See your nose ring
In the mirror
Feel it
With your fingertip
My heart beats in it

Sit close to me
Too close to me
Let me paint
Yet another world
For you
Only for you


Anonymous said...

Tum Hamaare nahin tum kehte ho;
Tumhe dekhen na tum kehte ho;
Kaise hum phir tumhare huye tum kehte ho?

Har Drone ka Arjun ho, meri jaan, koi zaroori to nahin;
Is duniya mein Eklavya bhi to jeete hain;
Bina Drone ke pyaar ke hi use poojte hain!!

Anonymous said...

I’ve a wife you know
but you married?
keeping fast praying
for his long life?

don’t lie to me

you don’t lie
to the winds
that ruffle your hair

see your nose ring
in the mirror
feel it with finger tips
my heart beats in it

come, sit by me
let me paint
another world
for you

Anonymous said...

nose rings
remind me
of nose rings
in steers
bulls and cows

signs of slavery

wedding rings
remind me
of rings around
fastened to
iron chains

signs of slavery
now wedding vows
nothing but slavery

Anonymous said...

why would you
want to be a painter
when you are so good
with words
it's so beautiful i wish
you had written if for me
especially for me

don't paint another world
instead compose another
beautiful peom and if u want
dedicate it especially for her

Anonymous said...

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Mirage said...

....lovely in its simplicity....main tumhe chahata hun isliyay tum meri ho !! A right that only love can have
..lovely words Rahul