Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A summer dream

I imagine you sitting on a chair, doing nothing. You are just staring through the wire mesh of the door which opens to the balcony, overlooking the road below. The heavy curtains on the windows tremble a bit in the weak dust storm. A little while later, you lift your legs and sit cross-legged on the chair. Then you lift your knees and bring your head down. And then your lips quiver. You hum along with Razia Sultan:

Ab nikal jaayega dum
Is tabassum ki kasam
Aao lag jao gale
Kum ho seene ki jalan
Pyaas bhadki hai
Sare-e-shaam se jalta hai badan...

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jasleen said...

Rahul: I included one of your poems on my blog a few days back. I know, I should have asked before, but if you would rather not, let me know (http://nekayaah.blogspot.com/2007/03/this-characterless-string.html)

Condolences for Tobu.