Monday, May 05, 2008

The story that never took off

More than a year ago, I tried working on a story about a man, born in Kashmir, immediately after the land was formed out of the water body.

It went on like this:

In the beginning there was only water.

Even one’s thought could not go beyond it without getting wet. Nothing escaped it. Water overwhelmed. It shocked. Its massive tongue devoured everything.

And then, one day, the Earth woke up.

It yawned and the mountains trembled. The tremors created a massive vent, which sucked the entire water, like marrow from a bone. Someone, I do not remember now who, told me that I was born immediately afterwards.

My ancestors broke up from their group, while travelling through the mountains of Hindukush. My mother was carrying me in her womb when the breakaway group arrived in the newly-formed land.

The water had left its mark everywhere. The land was still a slush at most of the places. But something about the place stuck them so much that the group decided to settle there. And that is where I opened my eyes, escaping narrowly from being strangulated by the umbilical cord.


Anonymous said...


It wasnt was Himalayas then...
only after the himalyans were slayed and subjugated this became hindukush...

Rahul Pandita said...

Rashneek, you are right. But the man, the main character of this novel, is trying to tell this story after 9/11, hence the mention of Hindukush.

hera said...

Your voice is made to tell stories of Kashmir. I hope you let this one take off, one day.

Unknown said...

This story has died in the incubator. There is nothing I can do to resurrect it, Heather.

Pooja Shali said...

Rahneek ji is always ready n eager to correct..lolz..!

Anonymous said...

The very hardest thinking will not bring thoughts. Since the story lies incubating I do hope maybe someday the words and thoughts will come sauntering in. Will wait for it .....

shabda said...

y r u not identifying urself
with just the humanbeings,
rather than identifying urself with kashmirpandits.
ofcorse,in hinduism,its been said,
everythings an illusion.
well,sir,but ur v.humane,write something humorous.
when people are happy,they r good,
and,good ones are not always happy.hi.

Anonymous said...

Rahul, This post is ages old. Come on churn out some good ones for us.

shabda said...

hi,mr.rahul.wru now,nice day!
hey,read my friends words,and give ur comments on them.
"When i was in love with her, i loved myself.
When i lost my love i hated myself.
But,in both cases, love or hate towards myself has meant to me more
than being in or not being in love with another.
Why then, should i need another, to make me love my 'self'.
I will love my 'self' myself...."... pravin.

aman said...

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shabda said...

hi,hello,have beautiful days,sir......